The Importance of Professional Photography

At this point, having photos attached to your listing is a no-brainer. But what kind of photos makes all the difference. A listing with professional photos has been known to sell 50% faster than one without [1]. Think about it. A consumer searches for all the 4 bd / 2 ba homes within a specific area. As they scroll down the list, what determines whether or not they click on a listing? Usually a GREAT photo is what grabs them. You must distinguish yourself from the others. 83% of buyers say photos are important when searching properties [4].

On average, 92% of home buyers use the internet to search for homes[5]. 83% of those buyers say listing photos are an important factor when searching[4] and spend 60% of their time viewing photos (only 20% on property description and/or Realtor® notes)[2]. 


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